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Website ranking is based on a number of factors, but chief among them is how recent and relevant your content is to the search question asked. There are a number of strategies that businesses use to be found; let us help you figure out the right strategy for your goals and budget.

Work your website so it will work for you

To attract and engage visitors, you need a strategy for regularly updating your website with fresh content.  Images, offers, tips, specials, and information that changes with the season keeps your site interesting and helps you rank higher with google (and your customers!).  We offer affordable support packages to help you keep your website working for you.

Web Presence Builder - $75

Get a monthly report that helps you see what is working, and what you should do to improve your results.  Includes web basic updates each month.

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Web Campaigner - $250

Create a landing and download page for your current offer, and email followup.

Information that people can use

Your prospects and customers have questions, and you have answers.  Post information that a prospect might ask, or search for, on the web at least twice a month.  Let us help you build your web presence through useful content.

Web Basic - $30

Keep your content fresh and in line with your business goals.  Web basic includes monthly updates to web pages (changes in staff, schedules, rates, images or other page content.  We send you ideas and reminders each month.

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